Planet ∆ : Piouxsie // Generate // nglgrndr

Thursday, April 24, 2014 09:00


Planet Delta with 3 x live: Piouxsie - noise Generate - experimental bass nglgrndr - electronica/techno Piouxsie Met hun poëtische kijk op de wereld en zichzelf vormen Alina en Jessie het duo Piouxsie. Met verstoorde synths, vocals en effecten maakt het duo avant-gardistische abandonwave Generate Through the years Generate developed himself more in the deeper side of electronic music and restricts himself very little as far as inspiration, such as old soul, soundtrack and (modern)classical music. It all ends up in a bass-orientated rhythmic combination, which generates a unique colour with much detail. nglgrndr 'Electronica uit Delft, gebruik makende van hexadecimale trackers en simpele softsynths wordt een eclectisch geluid neergezet met duidelijke invloeden uit "90's techno" + Klankman DJ sets Free Entrance

the stiff op Koningsnach in de vinger

Friday, April 25, 2014 21:00


Hey Ho, Let's go! Beleef de hoogtijdagen van punk The Stiff, opgericht in 2011, bestaat uit 'oudere jongeren' met hun roots in het punk-tijdperk. De bandleden hebben bij elkaar bijna een eeuw aan band- en podiumervaring en zijn nu, via allerlei muzikale omzwervingen weer terug op het oude nest. Met veel enthousiasme en een vette knipoog brengt The Stiff de periode 1976-1982 weer helemaal terug. De klassiekers, maar ook net wat minder bekende nummers behoren tot de setlist van The Stiff. entree 3 euro start 21.00

Goth Class-X

Saturday, April 26, 2014 21:00


Goth Class-X met dj's Igor en Zjon

Sonology Showlab #7

Monday, April 28, 2014 21:00


Doors at 20:00 Music at 21:00 sharp Free! Music by: Tomer Baruch and Mario Cortizo Roy Guzman Jeyong Jung and Jillis Kruk Arvind Ganga Beer by: Cafe De Vinger


Saturday, May 03, 2014 21:00


KERNEL PANIC 17 ------------------------------ Live Electronics \ Experiments \ Electro Acoustics \ IDM \Relaxing Drones \ Unsettling Soundscapes \ Pure Noise \ Minimal Glitches \ Harmonics \ Cut-up Beats \ Tech Panic \ Video \ and more... • Null Void Order • Sohrab Motabar & Adam Jey • Mouches Volantes Check back for more information and additional acts soon! ------------------------------ Check the past Panics on:

Elektro Balkan Party is back!

Monday, May 05, 2014 21:00


Elektro Balkan Party is back! Elektrifying vibes by Daboo and Petrol Molotov both originating from South-Eastern Europe (Croatia & Italy) with a mission to bring you a bombastic combination of sounds they carry from their roots. Supercharged with sunny beat that is gonna make you move your feet and bring the heat of the mediterranean beaches, Elektro Balkan Party guarantees to flatten the time and space to create an explosive, outernational, future-retro blend. Damage: 4€ - - - - - - - - - - Line Up: - - - - - - - - - DABOO A Rocky Balkan Boy based in the Lowlands of Holland. Best known for his explorations of sub-frequencies from different corners of the globe. Daboo takes you on an adventure with energetic Balkan Bass driven cross genres of Dubstep, Dancehall, Drum&Bass, Rootstep, Jungle, Ethnic Bass, and all derivatives. This powerful musical hodgepodge, which can transform a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends is his trademark that inspires and infatuates. Petrol Molotov Petrol Molotov's globish dancehall is animating your local outernational music scene with nights full of gipsy, breakbeat, mash ups, jungle, swing, rock and roll, reggae and tropical beats. He mixes pop classics with vintage rarities, dirty electro beats with violins and clarinets, to make sure all nationalities and tribes represented on the floor get enough party vibe to get on their feet and bust shapes til the morning. Facilitated wicked dance moves in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary.

Wonky Wednesday 7 Mei 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 21:30


wonky wednesday - - - [bass music] - - - [line-up] The High Class DJ JMC Prevax Phill Tovver - - - [timetable] TBA - - - cafe de vinger bagijnestraat 25 den haag entree = donatie


Saturday, May 10, 2014 21:00


Juke & Footwork NL party line up: DJ LAuw ( Liquorish Dubz ) Rivers Area Juke Squad J(ay).A.D Mataklap Bankster Beats Ballroom Syndicate 21:30 free entrance

Ivardensphere + Controlled Collapse + Prof. Azzacove

Sunday, May 11, 2014 21:00


De Vinger nodigt je uit voor het neusje van de zalm onder de electro/EBM/cyber. Professor in de experimentele electronica Azzacove neemt je mee op reis naar waar geen synth ooit geweest is. De heren van Controlled Collapse zullen eens flink de beuk er in brengen en we sluiten de avond van fijnproeverij af met niemand minder dan Scott Fox IVardensphere!! Kortom op naar dit 3 sterren festijn met een heerlijke nasmaak! De Vinger serveert! iVardensphere: Many who have seen iVardensphere are familiar with the intensity the band puts into their tribal performance. There have been upwards of 8 drummers on stage at a time during their shows creating that familiar rhythmic 'wall of sound'. The band has two sides, however. Scott Fox's Singularity focuses on the electronic side of the project. With an emphasis on improvisation and crunch, no Singularity performance with be a clone of a previous show. Featuring a table full of electronics and audio manglers with no laptop in sight, Singularity is a one man performance that contains the punchy energy of the large show in a logistically easier package. Singularity also operates with an open stage concept. Members of the audience are free to come up and have a look at what is going on. Nothing is being hidden. Stand beside Fox as the music is coming to life. No barricades. Even setting up right in the middle of the floor has happened. With punch, sweeping ambience, gut shaking bass and close up integration with the fans, this show shouldn't be missed.

Duncan Reid & The Big heads & Three Dead Mexicans On A Skateboard

Thursday, May 15, 2014 21:00


Duncan Reid & The Big heads (New band of ex Boys Singer, bass player) Born in a small, English, cathedral town, Duncan Reid's early dream was to be the next George Best. There was only one thing standing in his way: a complete lack of football talent! So, having discovered a vintage bass guitar in his father's cupboard, Duncan headed to London in his teenage years to land smack bang at the birth of the 70s punk explosion. Duncan's future fellow band member, Matt Dangerfield, had a basic 4 track studio in the coal cellar of his Maida Vale appartment. It was at this flat that members of The Sex Pistols, Clash, Damned, Generation X and others took their first recording steps along the path which would change Rock n Roll forever. One of the bands which coalesced out of this youthful melee was The Boys, the band which recruited Duncan Reid as bass player and singer. The Boys became known as "the Beatles of Punk", a title given to them due to their, at that time, unique fusion of harmonies and pop sensibility with raw punk. By the time The Boys had recorded their 4 albums and toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, their influence had spread far and wide to groups like Green Day and Die Toten Hosen, as well as being quoted by the likes of Joey Ramone as his favourite group. It was during a tour with The Ramones that Duncan, together with fellow Boys member Casino Steel, provided backing vocals for the live version of their hit, "Baby I Love You". In this way Duncan became one of only 2 people in history to play with The Ramones while not themselves being called Ramone. The Boys also recorded periodically as The Yobs creating a whole genre of comedy punk with their versions of The Worm Song and Christmas Carols, a genre much copied since. 18 years after they first split The Boys were persuaded to reform for 2 gigs in Tokyo. Pressure for new gigs had come from a new generation discovering their music for the first time. For years The Boys played worldwide, headlining in front of audiences in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Japan, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and elsewhere. After a further recording with other Boys members under the name "The Mattless Boys", and writing songs for other bands such as The Cute Lepers, Duncan finally recorded his first solo album, bringing a unique angle to the pop punk genre, and taking it into new realms of melodic sweetness. "Little Big Head" is here! supported by: Three Dead Mexicans On A Skateboard (a wild mexabillytrash band of veteran Rotterdam punks) De Keyzert - Bas & Zang Mevrouw Joos - Gitaar & Zang Ronnie Roteb - Zang & Gitaar Carlo van den Elshout - Drum entree :7,50 start 21.00

Rasta Nation #47

Saturday, May 17, 2014 21:00


The 47th episode of Rasta Nation, THE monthly reggae and dancehall bashment in The Hague. Every 3rd saturday of the month we bring you the deepest reggae vibes and the hottest dancehall tunes from way back when up 'till now. Rasta Nation is all about the love for reggae music and having good times inna di dance! Entrance: €3 Line up: ★ APACHE SOUND ★ This versatile soundsystem from The Hague has been around for years. Expect heavyweight reggae and dancehall tunes, combined with the best Mc's and singers. Apache Sound has been organizing the successful monthly Rasta Nation parties for over three years now. ★ KEYTOWN SOUND ★ Keytown Sound is a reggae / dancehall soundsystem from Leiden, formed in the end of 2003. They play reggae and dancehall music from old till new and everything in between, but always with a positive vibe. Keytown Sound is the resident sound of the succesfull Glue Factory parties in Leiden, and will make you dance everytime. ★ CRUCIAL WARRIOR SOUND ★ Crucial Warrior Sound is famous for playing the heaviest basslines from past and present, and for the deep roots and dub vibes. If you ask Crucial Warrior Sound, it's not about war but about surviving and being crucial with sound. This sound represents word sound & power, and above all having good times! VENUE De Vinger Bagijnestraat 25 2511 CK Den Haag 15 minute walk from Den Haag HS train station (night train) 10 minute walk from Den Haag Central train station (day train)